A day at FHPP…

Posted on May 21 2013 by FHPPS in School

As the year speeds I become more and more excited about working at FHPP. I have been here just over four months and I know that people are still unsure about my role and what it is that Teacher Lisa does. Today I want to share with you what my day has looked like…

I met with a wonderful parent who shared some concerns and was seeking advice. This parent has been doing all the right things and it was such a pleasure to help him by reassuring him that he is doing a great job and reminding him that we are here to back him up.

I spoke to a parent on the phone who I have been keeping in contact with who is also moving forward and really making a difference with their child.

Paula and I chatted about our plans to hold a Grade R information evening and looked through a pamphlet we have been working on. We are all very excited to give parents more information on Grade R and are hoping lots of parents come next week!

I met with one of the teachers who inspires me every time I meet with her. We talked about a couple of her kids she is worried about and she now has a plan she is going to put into place. She is determined and enthusiastic with a genuine passion for the children.

I met with five children, each one on their own, to help them talk about some feelings they have been struggling with. One young lady was feeling quite down. When she first started to come to talk with me she struggled to articulate her feelings, now she knows the routine and comes in and takes over. Today she was feeling quite left out. So I asked her to name one friend she would like to play with. I fetched him from his class and asked him how she looked and how she felt. He said she looks very sad. I asked her to explain why she was sad. When she said she was lonely he said she would play with her. I asked him what he could do to help her out, he threw his arms around her and hugged her hard. She beamed and they skipped out of the room with smiles on their faces. It was a very touching moment.

These were the highlights of my day… How incredible are the parents, teachers and little angels that belong to this community. I feel very lucky to be apart of it!