Fish Hoek Pre-Primary School- A little gem!

Posted on March 6 2013 by FHPPS in School

After spending a lovely evening watching our little man in his xmas play, it does make me realize how lucky we have been, in finding a school in which both of our children have been so happy, and thrived.

It is not at all schools that you will find teachers and assistants that are so loving and care so genuinely about our children. And your kids are all so great. Dan has already told me all about the girl-friends he has, up to 3 at the moment I believe.

I don’t think you will easily find another school with such a big jungle gym! Not to mention a boat AND a beach buggy! And aren’t those colourful beds they sleep on for aftercare just the cutest!

But I must admit I still clearly remember coming to the school for the first time and seeing the little gym equipment, and little 4 year olds bench-pressing! (I am sure a lot of you have one particular memory, please share on the facebook page for us all to enjoy.)

Dads day sausage braai, Dads camp-out, class parties at Camp Faraway, dress-up days, there are just so many good memories. But also so many things to look forward to! Some more mini-walks, and Tour-de-Fishhoek’s, a few more nativity plays, and outings to the Fire-station are just a few of the things Daniel and I am looking forward to in 2013.

Enjoy your holidays, rest up and see you all re-energised in 2013 to enjoy the school year, as much as I will!

PS. Now as the “minister of finance” I couldn’t possibly do a blog and not mention fees! I am sure a lot of you have started looking at your options for Grade R, I know I have. I was also quite surprised just how much cheaper the fees are at FHPPS compared to other primary schools in the valley, and you only pay for 11 months, not 12! Something for us all to think about!

All these facilities AND cheaper, just amazing really!