June EQ Theme: I can solve problems!

Posted on June 4 2013 by FHPPS in EQ

This month’s emotional literacy theme is on Problem Solving! Being able to solve problems is such an important skill in life and it can either stifle or propel people along in their endeavors. It is important to start teaching a problem solving process to children as young as you can. We all have a way of processing problems. Some of us see problems as opportunities for growth whilst others don’t have the same confidence and do what they can to avoid conflict. Either way theses are habits we have all developed and we all know how hard it is to break habits.

Here is the process that we will be introducing and putting up in all classrooms this week:

1. What is the problem?

2. How does everyone feel?

3. What are the possible solutions?

4. What will you do?

Take a peak in school to see the display and ask teachers and your children about it!