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May EQ Theme : I can be positive!

Posted on May 6 2013 by FHPPS in EQ

This month is, ‘I can be positive!’

We all have positive and negative thoughts and beliefs tumbling around in our heads throughout the day and even in the night. Managing these ‘thoughts/beliefs’ is a process that can have huge affects on a child’s emotions and beliefs about the world they live in.

NATS and PATS?!?

NATs are negative automatic thoughts like ‘I can’t do it,’ ‘Nobody likes me,’ and,’Why bother!.

PATs are positive automatic thoughts like, ‘I know I can do it!’ ‘It’s okay to make mistakes,’ and, ‘I can’t make everybody happy.’

What sorts of NATS and PATS does your brain focus on? What about your child? Being aware of these thoughts and then trying to turn the negative ones into positives is a good habit to take on for yourself and your child. The teachers at school will be talking about positive and negative phrases and trying to create an awareness of these emotions. Remember, we cannot stop ourselves from feeling negative emotions but we can change our thoughts so that we can have new positive feelings.