Monica Masebeni Assistant

Aneeka De Klerk Teacher

Angelfish 4 - 5 yrs

The Angelfish children have a big, spacious classroom which gives them enough space to be individuals. We have a door which leads out onto the playground. This allows the children to be able to play outside any time of the day, without disturbing the other classes.

In class, as teachers, we are able to spend more one on one time with the children, as each of the teachers have an assistant. There is constantly someone supervising children whether it is inside or out, and allows us time to focus on individual children, some of whom may require that extra individual attention.

For this age group, key learning areas are mostly social and emotional development, as well as movement to develop the larger muscles in the body (hopping, skipping, stand on one leg). The Angelfish children enjoy baking, role playing, retelling a story, being outside on the playground, building towers and building blocks. I love playing dress up and baking with the class. Most children of this age begin to develop greater independence, self control and creativity. They are eager to try new things and when they get frustrated, they are able to express their emotions. Once all of the above have improved, I have reached my goal.

We have house rules and most of the time the children are very good at obeying them. They know that all of the rules are for their own safety and development. Our methods include a lot of praise – as children like to know that they are doing something right and it makes them feel great when they are acknowledged. Sometimes children do silly things for attention – but if this behaviour is ignored, they do tend to stop. Reward – children love rewards. Whether it be a sticker or a sweet, this can motivate children to be on their best behaviour. We don’t always let them know that there is a reward, as this has a greater effect when it is a surprise.  Redirecting children to positive things or more creative activities usually works, distracts them from negative activities or behaviour.


The class reps for the Angelfish class are:

  • Heidi Schnugh
  • Heather Bernhardt