Monica Masebeni Assistant

Aneeka De Klerk Teacher

Sea Horse 3 - 4 yrs

The children in the Sea Horse Class are aged 3-4 years. Our main focus is the social and emotional development of our children. We place emphasis on having healthy relationships with peers and adults. Also being kind and showing empathy.

It is important that children are confident and have a good self-esteem. This is an important skill for school, especially within the first year of school.

I set out 4 art tables every day. The children are allowed to choose their own activities and they are encouraged to create independently. This gives me the opportunity to observe all the children and identify the children who will need some input.

We have a morning ring where the children are allowed to share their thoughts and ideas freely. Even the quieter personalities are included and motivated to participate. We create a feeling of community in the class.

Story time includes reading, puppet shows and role-playing of stories. Children are motivated to act out the story.

I also encourage the children to understand that we are all different with different strengths. To celebrate our different strengths, we have a little talent show every year in our class. Everybody needs to feel good about themselves and appreciate the abilities of their peers. Children should feel safe when they are away from their parents and we strive to give them just that! A feeling of security!

My Qualification

I have an Early Childhood Development, Level 5 Certificate from College of Cape Town.

I am married with 1 child.

The class reps for the Sea Horse class are:

  • Candice Salmon