What to bring with you to school!

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

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Wednesday, 16 January 2019


At the school


Each child will need a back-pack or bag with the following inside:

*a lunch box with a healthy snack inside it for your child at snack time which is at about 10am each day. Please keep it healthy…..sandwich, dried fruit, salty biscuits, biltong, yoghurt, cheese wedge, cold meat etc.

Each child is also asked to please bring a fruit each day. This will be cut up and shared amongst the children in the class just before story time each day.

*a juice bottle with either water or juice. Please no fizzy drinks!

*a change of clothing in case of accidents or wet clothes from water/sand play.

*a hat and sun-cream if your child needs cream applied for the afternoon. ( We encourage you to please put sun-cream onto your child in the morning before school. The aftercare will put more sun-cream on the children for the afternoon.



Contact Jane at the school office:
021 782 3309 or email