Extra Murals

These are offered at the school but run independently of the school. We are not involved with any payment. Payment and any queries must be made directly to the extra mural coach. Flyers will be placed in your child’s message pocket giving details of the extra mural, or Jane can give you information about the extra mural and who to contact.

Monday – Dynamic Kidz (MULTIPLE SPORTS) 2pm Type: Cricket, Soccer, Rugby, Hockey, Basketball, Netball, Tennis, Coach: Grant Rosenkowitz, Cell: 084 777 1212, Email: grantrosy@hotmail.com

Tuesday       – Ballet(from 1.45pm -2.30pm) Natalie, Cell: 083 389 7157. Email: natalie@capeballet.co.za,

-LegoBrix  (2pm-3pm) Ayla McCreanor, Cell: 0832330678, Email: ayla@buildembrix.co.za

-Rugby (4-5 years 12.35pm-1.05pm) AND (5-6 years 1.05pm-1.35pm)

Raymond Henwick, Cell: 0799481028, email: raymond@ruggaroots.co.za

Wednesday  –  Playball (12.30pm-1.30pm) Suzette, Cell: 084 449 7878. Email: suz.playball@gmail.com

Thursday     –  Soccerstars (12.30pm-1.30pm) coach to tba

–  Tumbling Stars (12.30pm-1.30pm) Sam, Cell: 072 587 9273. Email: info@tumblingstars.co.za

-Steps Ahead (2pm-3.30pm in Shark Classroom) Cara, Cell: 082 7388 947, Email:  inspiredacademyofdance@outlook.com)

Friday          – Tumbling Stars (12.30pm-4pm)