The Road to becoming Fire Compliant!

Posted on April 10 2013 by FHPPS in School

Our journey to becoming fire compliant had been a long and rather expensive one! All in the name of progress and of course the safety for our most precious children.

It all started last year when we were updating our building plans, and re-registering our school with the WCED, which is a requirement every few years.

We have been registered with the WCED for 47 years now and we thought that getting our Heath certificate would just be a case of phoning and asking!!! No! No! No!

We were not able to get the Health Certificate without a Fire and a Building Certificate and because of the new Fire laws recently implemented our journey began.

We decided to go right to the source and contacted the Building Inspector as well as the Fire Safety Officer who duly came to the school and started adding to the plans. The school building was organised into zones and each zone was required to be fitted with 30min fire walls as well as required to have push-bar fire exit doors installed. The push-bar doors had to be a the height of the children so that they could have easy access to the outside. Sliding doors were not accepted as exit doors- and as anyone who has been at Fish Hoek Pre-Primary would know, we had plenty of those! All of those had to go and 30min fire doors were installed where necessary with self closers. We also had to install a 30 meter fire hose!

Our chosen builder, Bill Matthews was excellent and I would recommend him with no doubt what so ever. His men worked competently around the school, being careful to tidy up after themselves and kept any equipment way from the children. Unfortunately we did have to contend with loads of hammering, and sawing, and drilling etc whilst trying to carry on with the school day. But our teachers, children and parents were fantastic and we have all come out the other end way better off!!

Last step will be the painting. And then of course trying to replenish our emergency funds. Costs have not been finalized to date but we are looking in the region of R250,000.00 to complete the job! WOW! Hence the need to fundraising!!!!!

Fish Hoek Pre-Primary is not only the best school, education wise, but is now also 100% compliant with all the new Health and Safety Regulations!

Only the best for our children!!