Twenty one years of progress…..

Posted on March 6 2013 by FHPPS in School

When I first came to work at Fish Hoek Pre Primary in 1992, little did I imagine what it would be like 21 years later. Fish Hoek Pre Primary was a lovely little nursery school with about 80 pupils varying in age from 3 to 6. There were 4 classes, 4 teachers, one teaching principal, 2 cleaners, a garden assistant and me. The Principal had taken the package offered to teachers and principals wanting early retirement and our Principal decided that she would accept this one off offer. So, one term into getting used to the way schools operate, the acting teaching principal and I set to work to keep the school running. Being the innovative little school that it always was, the staff and school committee managed to not only keep the school going, but also to keep up with the times and constantly make changes to improve the education offered for this age group. Among the changes were the starting of an aftercare due to parent demand, the starting of a 2 – 3year age group, also by parent demand, the training of our cleaners into assistant teachers and the constant updating of our computers and software to run the administrative side of the school. One such committee did minor alterations to the school to cater for more children in each class and to improve the garden environment by designing and building our magnificent jungle gym. The garden was re-landscaped to maximise the children’s enjoyment of this playground. Later committees did more building to build another proper classroom for our little Rainbows and to provide more indoor space, especially during wet weather, and for the stay and play to operate more freely. The garden on the road side of the school was enclosed and grass was laid to give more flat play space and a tarmac section was built undercover for other activities outside. The garden has since been increased in size, again, by the annexure of the road closure between our school and Paul Greyling to enable us to offer even more playing space, specially for the boys to play soccer and rugby. Last year’s committee undertook to make our school compliant with the new building, safety and fire requirements, and other alterations to make our kitchen more user friendly for our wonderful caterer for our stay and play children. A pirate boat was added to the playground to give the children even more fun. This little school is now a much bigger pre-primary school with a staff complement of 22 looking after more than 130 children. Our teachers and assistants are all highly qualified and our grade R teachers have become CAPS compliant according to WCED rules. We have come such a long way since 1992, but the school still has the same caring, community feel it did all those years ago. Our new octopus logo – Reaching out to all – is the message that we are sending out to all those interested in providing their children with the best in Pre-Primary education. We are a community school and our vision is to help all we can along the way – Rainbow Educare in Masiphumele is one of our efforts to improve the local community – and our offer of subsidised fees to those who need a bit of help – show why we are the “wow” pre school in Fish Hoek. My own grandchildren and extended family are now part of our community school and I am proud to be part of this wonderful little school.