Well done special parents!!!

Posted on March 25 2013 by FHPPS in School

Thank you to all the parents and children who completed the SPECIAL TEACHER sheets. They are wonderful. If you haven’t had an opportunity to bring them in please do as we will be showcasing them after Easter!

EQ Tip for the week:

Continuing with our there of ‘BEING SPECIAL’ why not watch this clip of Elmo talking about ‘pride’ with your child:

In the clip Elmo talks about all the things he can do. Maybe make a list or draw a picture of all the things your child can do. Then ask your child what they would like to learn how to do. Maybe they want to learn how to make their bed, ride a bike or make their own peanut butter sandwich. Set a goal with them to achieve this week or this month. Use lots of praise and encouragement. Make sure you set your own goal too so that you can role model how to work hard and stay focused! A little healthy competition can be very effective.